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Built to resemble a terminal, it is fully interactive and contains all of the usual things a personal website would contain, plus maybe some easter eggs!

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freya madeline broderick

I am currently working as the senior developer in charge of CloudCIX's Cloud platform.

I am a full stack developer, and I dabble quite a bit in the ops side of things as well.

I am extremely passionate towards the creation of software and I strive for perfection in everything I do, in and out of work.

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crcophony drizzle github-user-languages

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# crcophony

A Terminal UI for Discord written in Crystal.

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# drizzle

Drizzle is a programming language of my own design, written in Crystal.

It is designed as a language I would like to use myself, and it's being made primarily to help learn how languages work.

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My personal website, written as an interactive terminal.

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# github-user-languages

A browser extension for displaying pie charts of language usage on GitHub profiles.

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