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freya madeline broderick

I am a full stack developer, and I dabble quite a bit in the ops side of things as well.

I am extremely passionate, both in programming and in other aspects of my life.

I'm experienced in Python, Crystal and TypeScript, as well as Docker, and both the design and construction of REST APIs.

I also have a strong interest in Ansible, Kubernetes, and Ops.

I hold a first class honours BSc degree in Computer Science from University College Cork (UCC)

email   - frybrdrck (at) gmail (dot) com

github  -

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Current employment: CTO @ CloudCIX Ltd

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# learning plans

Small little list of all the things I want to learn, in alphabetical order.

The list of technologies are technologies that I want to try and understand the inner workings of, not how to use them.

## languages

- c++

- dart

- kotlin

- rust

## technologies

- compilation

- git

- llvm

- wasm

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# CloudCIX Ltd. - Chief Cloud Architect (June 2017 - December 2019), CTO (July 2021 - current)

- Set up GitLab CI/CD for automation of development processes.

- Designed and managed construction of REST APIs using the Django Rest Framework in Python 2 and 3.

- Helped design Python services to create infrastructure on KVM servers and Juniper SRX routers.

- Designed and helped build complex UIs for cloud using TypeScript and Vue.js.

- Led the redesign of monolithic Python 2 APIs into Python 3 microservices running on Docker in Kubernetes clusters.

- Made initial plans for locating API clusters in different georegions, including research into R/W nodes for the PostgreSQL DB.

- Managed interviewing, hiring, mentoring and day-to-day management of student intern developers for the summer of 2019.

- Implemented and improved monitoring, logging and visibility services for the REST API and surrounding services.

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~/experience > cat netsoc

# UCC Netsoc - SysAdmin / ExOfficio (September 2017 - May 2019)

- Introduced Docker to the SysAdmin team and helped move services to using it.

- Assisted in the rewrite of the student portal from PHP into Python using Flask.

- Made various user-facing improvements, including adding the ability for students to choose their preferred shell for logging into the servers.

- Gave several techtalks throughout my two years of being a part of the society.

Tech Talk Slides -

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~/projects > cat crcophony

# crcophony

A Terminal UI for Discord written in Crystal.

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~/projects > cat drizzle

# drizzle

Drizzle is a programming language of my own design, written in Crystal.

It is designed as a language I would like to use myself, and it's being made primarily to help learn how languages work.

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My personal website, written as an interactive terminal.

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~/projects > cat github-user-languages

# github-user-languages

A browser extension for displaying pie charts of language usage on GitHub profiles.

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